Children's Division

Mommy & Me (AGE 18 months-2 1/2)



An introduction to dance in a nurturing environment ideal for children ages 18 months to two years of age where parents or caregivers participate with the child. Specific exercises present an outlet for a child’s imagination while giving them freedom to explore movement and music. Introducing children to dance at a young age helps create motor skills and early coordination. Classical, folk and traditional music are used to inspire song to movement.

Mommy and Me- Age 18 months-2 1/2          30 min

Toddler Dance Class - Age 2 1/2              30 min.


This is an entergetic class for the mover and shker toddler. This is only 30 minutes and really suits the 2 1/2 year old who is ready to be away from mom for a short period of time. We will explore space and movement in this class and begin to learn the basics like following directions. This is a fun class for the Toddler who loves to dance!

Creative Movement I and II (3-4)


Creative Movement I and II is a class designed for children three to four years of age who are ready to  dance independently. Children are introduced to the expressive world of dance through a combination of classical and traditional music. Exercises focus on body awareness, gross motor skills, and individual expression through creative movement. Class begins with warm-up exercises and stretches that develop flexibility and posture. It moves on to center floor exercises which develop balance, rhythm and coordination. Ballet terms are introduced to the children.

Creative Movement I: Class designed for student’s age 3 

Creative Movement II: Class designed for student’s age 4 

Creative Movement- Age 3           1 Class a week    45 min.


Creative Movement II- Age 4             1 Class a week     45 min.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 5 )


The beginning instruction to ballet technique.Pre-Ballet students begin learning the basic ballet positions and will develop the basic foundation for ballet technique. Exercises will introduce students to being at the barre to develop correct posture and technique. Center floor includes stretches to develop flexibility, standing exercises to gain balance and strength, and traveling steps to encourage development of moving through space. Students begin to learn the French ballet vocabulary, to be expressive through movement, and proper classroom etiquette in a non-competitive atmosphere.


Age 5



1 class a week


1 hour


2 Classes a week  


1 hour

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